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      Fred Kilmer

      Fred Kilmer

      Our heritage
      Lede-4 Innovative Ways Johnson & Johnson Has Helped Protect the Public's Health During Outbreaks Since the Late 1800s.jpg

      4 innovative ways Johnson & Johnson has helped protect the public’s health during outbreaks since the late 1800s

      From epidemic masks that the company introduced during the Spanish flu pandemic to work it’s doing today on an investigational COVID-19 vaccine, learn how the company has been at the forefront of safeguarding global public health for well over a century.
      Our heritage
      Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest in North Carolina

      Remembering legendary poet Joyce Kilmer—and his surprising link to Johnson & Johnson

      As Memorial Day approaches, we’re honoring the life of the famous poet and service member, known for his iconic “Trees” poem, who was the son of the company’s first Scientific Director—and a writer for Johnson & Johnson.
      Our heritage
      FINAL PROMO- Why Johnson & Johnson Once Had an Entire Team of Glassblowers- Glassblowers Furnace

      Why Johnson & Johnson once had an entire team of glassblowers

      The company debuted its iconic catgut sutures in June of 1887, cementing its reputation as a healthcare innovator—and these unexpected artisans played a pivotal role.
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      FINAL LEDE- The 1888 Johnson & Johnson Manual That Changed Surgery for the Better- Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Treatment and surgical products - compressed

      The 1888 Johnson & Johnson manual that changed surgery for the better

      In honor of the World Health Organization’s Save Lives: Clean Your Hands campaign, we look at how the company helped usher in the concept of sterile surgery at a time when physicians weren’t even in the habit of scrubbing in.
      Our heritage
      Hero- Ask Margaret: Multicultural Advertising- Spanish Ad Shaving Cream PRICE REMOVED

      How Johnson & Johnson embraced immigrants in the early 1900s

      To help support the influx of immigrants that were calling America home in the early 20th century, the company translated its ads and materials for pharmacists into 15 languages.
      Our heritage
      Fred Kilmer Promo image

      Meet Fred Kilmer: One of Johnson & Johnson’s earliest pioneers

      The company’s first scientific director was responsible for groundbreaking innovations that surgeons use to this day. But there’s a lot more to this Renaissance man’s impressive story.