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      Caring & giving
      Sam Seavey piloting an aircraft from the cockpit

      3 health advocates; 1 Johnson & Johnson program that offers empowerment and connection

      In the quest to solve the toughest health challenges, innovating therapies and finding treatments are essential—but so is supporting the patients living with these diseases. That’s exactly why Johnson & Johnson launched HealtheVoices a decade ago.
      Personal stories
      Stroke survivor Lisa Deck with her husband and children

      “I had four strokes and two brain surgeries—and survived”

      Lisa Deck was just 21 when she had her first stroke. She would go on to have three more, as well as face a rare diagnosis of moyamoya disease. For World Stroke Day, we’re sharing her incredible story of survival and living with a chronic illness.
      Health & wellness
      Close-up of a blonde woman looking at a lake

      The resilience Rx: 6 ways to live your best life with a chronic illness

      Fact: 60% of Americans live with at least one long-term health condition—and many of them face daily pain. We asked some of these very patients to share reality-tested ways they’ve learned to take control of their lives.
      Personal stories
      group of attendees in conversation at HealtheVoices Conference

      7 health advocates who are determined to change what it means to have a chronic illness

      Living with a life-altering disease is undeniably challenging. But it can also be full of triumphs if you embrace one simple mantra: It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.
      Personal stories
      Live and Thrive with HIV: Kevin Maloney at Podium

      What it’s like to live—and thrive—when you have HIV

      When the first cases were reported 35 years ago, it meant certain death. But thanks to advances in science, people with HIV can now lead healthy lives. People like activist Kevin Maloney, who’s on a mission to ensure others like him get that chance.
      Our Company
      HealtheVoices Lede Group

      HealtheVoices: How a conference is helping to empower health advocates across the country

      In just three years, HealtheVoices has had a big impact on the online health advocate and patient blogger community. Here’s how it came to be—and where it’s headed.