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Progress Dashboard 2019

t Johnson & Johnson, we strive to be a leader in the private sector and remain accountable for our work and our promises. That is why we are committed to measuring our progress annually towards the targets outlined in our SDG Commitment. The identified targets in our commitment are reflective of the Company’s reach – individuals whose lives may benefit from our combined public health and social impact efforts across the business and with external partners.

expand Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The dashboard below provides a high-level overview on our cumulative, four-year progress through year-end 2019. Additional detail is included in our full UN Sustainable Development Goals Commitment Progress Scorecard and the external Assurance Statement associated with it.

Health Workforce

Our Aspiration: A world where the current and future healthcare workforce has the necessary competencies to deliver high-quality healthcare.

5-Year Target: 650,000 health workers will have received training to better deliver quality healthcare.

Status: In Progress

Our Impact:

Q&A: Putting Health Workers at the Center of Global Health Goals

Johnson & Johnson Announces Series of Collaborations Aimed at Transforming Mental Health Care in Low-Resource Settings

Training Ethnic Minority Midwives in Vietnam

Project Hope: Indonesian Midwives Train
in Saving Lives at Birth

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Women & Children’s Health

Our Aspiration: A world where every woman and child survives and has the opportunity for a healthy future.

5-Year Target: 60 million women and children will have received support and tools to enable a healthy future.

Status: Off Track

Our Impact:

At Nairobi Summit, Johnson & Johnson Reaffirms Commitment to Advancing Global Health Priorities for Women, Children and Adolescents

DREAMS Thina Abantu Abasha: A Youth-led Initiative Aimed at Reducing HIV Infection Rates

Ending Child Marriage Supports Girls' Empowerment and Reduces Premature Birth

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Essential Surgery

Our Aspiration: A world where safe, essential and timely surgical care can be accessed by all to save lives, prevent disability, promote economic growth, and reduce social marginalization.

5-Year Target: 50 million people will have had access to safe, essential and timely surgical care.

Status: Exceeded

Our Impact:

MSSI: Improving Surgical Care in Africa

Equipping Surgeons to End Obstetric Fistula

Johnson & Johnson Institute Delivers Training and Education to Healthcare Providers

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Global Disease Challenges

Our Aspiration: A world where innovations and holistic health solutions prevent, control and eliminate global disease challenges and epidemics.

5-Year Target: 175 million individuals will have benefited from Johnson & Johnson solutions that prevent, control and eliminate global diseases.

Status: Exceeded

Our Impact:

How Johnson & Johnson Is Helping Tackle a Devastating Tropical Disease That Impacts Kids

Working to Make HIV History

Our Mission: Enabling a World Without TB

Read More

Environmental Health

Our Aspiration: A world where all people have healthy places to live, work and play.

5-Year Target: 60 million citizens living across 30 cities will have benefited from climate and air quality actions that have the potential to positively impact public health.

Status: On Track

Our Impact:

Johnson & Johnson Partners with the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

The Green Graph: 8 Innovative Ways Johnson & Johnson Is Helping the Environment

Johnson & Johnson Chairman and CEO Alex Gorsky Takes the #EmbracingSustainability Challenge

Read More

Challenges of reporting and assuring progress against the SDG goals

Collaboration is at the heart of the SDGs – these ambitious goals cannot be achieved by one party alone but involve governments, business and communities working together to achieve significant sustainability impacts and improvements to people’s lives. We believe our commitment to partnership and collaboration helps us to achieve extraordinary results even though quantifying impacts and benefits across many partnerships is complex.

We have therefore reported and sought assurance on the progress against the five-year targets that support our SDG goals. We have reported on progress based on the best information we have available, from our operations and those of our partners. However, we recognize that because of the nature of the projects supporting the targets, the data are subject to limitations including estimates, extrapolations and reliance on data and information provided by a broad range of partners we work with to achieve these goals. For certain goals, assumptions are used that could result in an overstatement or understatement of lives benefited when we are trying to quantify performance in challenging environments. We summarize below some key information to provide our stakeholders with some insight into the challenges of reporting SDG goal performance.

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