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      General Robert Wood Johnson

      General Robert Wood Johnson

      Our heritage
      A collage of photos of President Theodore Roosevelt, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama

      That’s so presidential! 4 of Johnson & Johnson’s most memorable moments with heads of state

      In honor of Presidents’ Day, the company’s chief historian shares some stories of special company connections to former U.S. presidents, including the day one leader awarded Johnson & Johnson with a medal for a century’s worth of innovation.
      Our heritage
      Company founders (left to right) Robert Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson on an illustrated background of Johnson & Johnson’s first building in New Brunswick, New Jersey

      Band of brothers: Meet the innovative men who founded Johnson & Johnson in 1886

      The largest healthcare company in the world began as a simple partnership among three forward-thinking siblings. We explore the lasting impact James, Edward Mead and Robert Johnson, the company’s first president, had on Johnson & Johnson.
      Our heritage
      Woman in white dress modeling for Modess sanitary napkins

      Haute heritage: 6 vintage Johnson & Johnson ads shot by famous fashion photographers

      As celebs and style stars file into the front row at Spring Studios for New York Fashion Week, Johnson & Johnson looks back at its iconic series of high-fashion Modess ads, which featured some of the most coveted models and designers of the couture world.
      Our heritage
      A Local High School Student (Left) Spent the Day Alongside CEO General Robert Wood Johnson (Right)

      A day in modern industry: The Johnson & Johnson program that gave high school kids a peek into the working world

      Before there was Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, this trailblazing program gave thousands of students the chance to shadow people across the company.
      Our heritage
      A black and white photo of an early Johnson & Johnson factory and sign

      What a year! 19 facts about what the world looked like when Johnson & Johnson went public

      When the company was first listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1944, the world was a very different place. Case in point: A quart of milk cost 15 cents!
      Our heritage
      Johnson & Johnson Credo inscribed on granite wall

      8 Fun Facts About Our Credo—Johnson & Johnson’s Mission Statement

      2018 marks the 75th anniversary of Our Credo. In honor of the milestone, we’ve compiled some interesting tidbits—past and present—about the legendary belief statement.
      Our heritage
      Headshot of James Burke

      James Burke: The Johnson & Johnson CEO who earned a Presidential Medal of Freedom

      His passion for the company’s ethics-driven business philosophy earned him a spot on Fortune Magazine’s 10 Greatest CEOs of All Time. See how his legacy lives on today.
      Our heritage
      Lede- Museum Find of the Month- Aerokit Interior

      Aerokit: The Johnson & Johnson innovation that aided early aviators

      In honor of National Aviation History Month, we’re looking at the launch of the Aerokit, a first aid kit for pioneering pilots.
      Our heritage
      Lede/Promo - Ways J&J Has Supported Laborers - Workers-compressed.jpg

      7 Ways Johnson & Johnson Has Been at the Forefront of Supporting Its Employees Since 1886

      In honor of Labor Day, we’re taking a look back at how the company has championed fair pay, work/life balance and groundbreaking health benefits for its workers throughout its over-130-year history.
      Our heritage
      Anatomy of an IPO collage

      Anatomy of an IPO: The story of how Johnson & Johnson went public

      We trace the company’s 130-year evolution from a small operation with 14 employees to its IPO 75 years ago this month to its current standing as a forward-thinking healthcare leader.